Just what is 48 hours of Ruckus?

it's basically a scavenger hunt.

What does this have to do with my scooter?

It's a scavenger hunt you do on your scooter

What's the 48 hours part and can I still play if I don't have a Ruckus?

All challenges must be completed in 48 hours.

All scooters are welcome to play. It doesn't have to be a Ruckus.

Got it. How's it work?

It will begin on a Friday evening at an unannounced time and run for exactly 48 hours from the start. You will be given 48 challenges to find on your scooter to complete in those 48 hours. You must take a picture that has the object of the challenge, your scooter and your riding buddy.

What's a riding buddy?

Riding buddies are objects determined right at the game start that must be in each picture. This is to prevent using old pictures. Last year was either a can of tuna, a spoon or a light saber

What's an example of a challenge?

The picture above is a challenge from last year of  your scoot in a skatepark. You always have to have your riding buddy in there somewhere... the can of tuna is displayed on the handlebars. This submission is good for +5 points.

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