48 Hours of Ruckus 2018

The Message that was Sent in 2018

Alright everyone FatKid here, looks like tanuki is dealing with Mother Nature right now here is the list!! Keep the HI guess in your thoughts and prayers!!!

48 hours of ruckus 2018

In memory of our long lost home, all challenges are named after our brethren.

To honor our moderators, all challenges need to have one of these 3 "ride buddies" in submitted pic

1)a spoon
2)a can of tuna
3)a light saber

The rules:
Take a picture or video of your scooter (motorcycle,mini bike, etc..) with the following 48 items/challenges. Include the ride buddy. "Ride buddies" are needed to prevent the use of archived photos. Only photos or videos taken within the next 48 hours will be awarded points. Post the assigned challenge numbers with pics or vids. I need to know what your submitted post is interpreted as. No label, no points. A bonus point will be awarded for each # of challenges completed in 1 pic. Do NOT edit or post after the 48 hours or risk immediate disqualification of points or game entirely. You can post here at totalruckus.proboards.com/
or use the Instagram #48hoursofruckus18

Its a good idea to take time for periodic or immediate uploads, trying to upload all pics with 5 minutes left in the game may lead to being late and disqualified. You may edit all you want during the allowed 48 hours, not after.

Any problems contact myself or fatkid via pm here or IG


Wan. A pic of odometer at start, and pic of odometer at end of the 48 hours of ruckus. 5 points for every 100 miles travelled
ConElite. 60 MPH sign. 10 points
Meepers. Sneakers hanging on a wire. 5 points
Panzer. Roadkill. 4 points
5prock3t. Wearing a tin foil hat. 8 points
Classic67. Multicolored vehicle over 20 years old. 6 points
Flip. Flipping off a water tower. 6 points
BATMAN. At a police station eating a donut. 13 points
I-am-swol. With a large pizza. 7 points
TT350Z. Over a speed bump. 4 points
Darthemma. Antenna ball or truck nutz. 4 points
GETslim. Gas station/eatery combo 7 points
LiteW8. On a mini ramp or in a skatepark. 5 points
HIgrade. 4 Hondas parked in a row. 8 points
Mike155. An orange safety vest. 5 points
Oldfart55. With a rocking chair, on a porch. 10 polnts
Trustmedood. A fortune cookies message. 8 points
Bojaxed. Multiple open and empty mailboxes. 3 points
Milehighmike. Santa clause. 8 points
Greyduck. RUCKUS spelled with hot wheels. 6 points
Gizmogal. BOOBS! 20 points, with nips 25 points
NXWKND. Any signage adverting a labor day event. 4 points
Honestmike. A television on display. 6 points
PDub. Chickens. 1 point for each chicken in one pic(limit 10 points)
Longballer. Next to a toilet. 8 points
Biffmalibu. A gloryhole. 11 points
ST8H8R. Multiple emoji stickers on 1 car. 6 points
ZYGOTE! Boxes of goods stacked higher then your scoot. 8 points
Goatlover. Farm animal. 6 points
Hotrodhell. Grinder sparks, welder flash, or torch flame. 10 points
RuckinRonk. Between 2 wrecked or stripped cars. 12 points
RacerX. GETtin washed at a real car wash 11 points
BAruckus. Suspended on a forklift. 15 points
TheBoss. With a limousine. 9 points
Eloke. A lake, pond or ocean at sunset 9.5 points
Rucknrolla. Street art in the foreground and background. 8 points
Ultramagnus. In fog,smoke,haze or mist. 12 points
Natronordie. In a cemetery at night. 15 points
Blueridgeruckus. Top of a big hill. 8 points
OGMOFO. In a ditch. 7 points
cookiemonster. A blue shipping container. 4 points
DPthecandyman. Inside an ice cream shop. 11 points
Peskyo. A shadow puppet. 7 points
Ruckusjoe. Riding through a pile of leaves. 10 points
Trueadrn. 2 silver dollars in the moonlight. 6 points
Evilstepruckus. In a tunnel. 5 points
Minnasotanan. On a merry go round. 12 points
Mnnthbx. At a drive through window with worker. 9 points