7/5 - 7/7 2019
The Most Fun You'll have all Summer... on a scooter

We would like to ride in zoomer which is not easily defeated by 48hrs of Ruckus.

That’s it folks, we’re done! Come talk about it!

UPDATED JULY 3rd - 2 days and counting

That's right, we are two days away...

This is the last little bit of instructions before we start!!!!

Please follow @fatkidproductions on instagram. FatKid will drop the rules and the list sometime on July 5th.  The rules/list drop is the official start of the game.

FatKid  is  running  the  show  this  year  so  give  him  a  follow.  His  rules  are  the  rules,  this  site  will  just  reflect  what  he  drops  after  he  has  put  it  out  on  instagram.

The official rules/list will then be posted here so you can download them and print them out.... but the game starts when they are on instagram.

The official rules will explain how to submit your entries via instagram and have your points count. The official rules, might differ slightly than the content on this website. Make sure you read those rules in the instagram post or the document posted here in the 2019 Rules and Challenges section.

The game will end 48hrs from the start with a post from FatKid. Any submissions after that will not be counted... but all that will be explained in the document drop.

Please poke around this website and you'll understand how the game is played... it's a scavenger hunt. Read the FAQ and the Rules and Challenges from 2018 to get a good idea of things. Tips are given in the rules document for people that haven't played. No Ruckus, no problem... you can play on any scooter. Scooter busted? No problem... there are challenges where your bike doesn't have to leave your garage. Nobody to ride with? Good! You don't want to share your points anyway. Can't get many challenges? Gotta work? Gotta do family stuff on the weekend? No problem, just try get as many or a little as you can. The fun is in the ride.

And for those that really want to play to win there is swag donated by our good friends listed below. There is a really cool trophy for the winner.

After the game we'll find a forum to talk about it all year until the next 48hours of Ruckus.





48 Hours of Ruckus is on for 2019!

We will be playing July 5th through July 7th. As usual the challenges will come out at an unannounced time on Friday the 5th and not before. Then it's on until 48 hours later. Post pictures to instagram with your scoot with the challenge along with your ride buddy. In the tag name the challenge, the point value along with #48hoursofruckus19.

Any  scooter  can  play.

You  can  play  no  matter  where  on  the  planet  you  are.  You  don’t  have  to  leave  your  city,  you  don’t  have  to  ride  with  others.

This site will only post the challenges after they are announced on instagram and post the scores when the game is done. The game is played on Instagram and you must follow and tag #48hoursofruckus19 to find out what's going on and to submit your pictures. The start time and end time of the game will be based on when they were announced on Instagram, not posted here.

--- FatKidProductions and The Little Kings with mad props to totalruckus.com

Stay tuned for more details and this years rules to come!!!


What is it? Read the FAQ

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